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History of the Logan Family Foundation

Logan Family Foundation – Mission Statement

Founded in 2004 the Logan Family Foundation is to use the lessons learned from our parents and through our individual life experiences to “pay forward”.  We are committed to fund the needs for families and children in communities both where we were raised and live today.       

We continue to honor “the big guy” with “Dick Logan Sponsor” opportunities, in honor of our father who passed away in 2016.  We remain committed to honor his life with a never-ending effort to be of service to others.  He was amazed at everyone’s spirit and generosity.  We thank everyone for their participation and we take your trust in us to honor our Mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • The Davis Foundation

  • Stan Edgell, Strategic Planning

Presenting Sponsor – The Shamrock Companies – Robert Troop

Thank-You to our friend Bob Troop and the Shamrock Companies for their support since day one.  We could not achieve the level of impact without this partnership.


The Logan Family Foundation was created in 2004 and fund raises through an annual celebrity golf outing to assist selected beneficiaries of the Foundation. We have been joined by honorary chairs each year to help create interest and awareness, including:

2004          Jim Tressel                                  2012          Richard Logan                                  2021 Keith Byars

2005          Eric Snow                                    2013          John Hicks                                       2022 Lee Owens

2006         Archie Griffin                                 2014          Glen Mason

2007          Thad Matta                                  2015          Earle Bruce 

2008          Clark Kellogg                                2016          Tyson Gentry 

2009          Todd Blackledge                           2017          Bill Davidge 

2010          Larry Kehres                                2018         Urban Meyer 

2011          Darrell Hazell                               2019          Jud Logan


Dick and Gloria Logan raised five children that make up the Board of Trustees for the Foundation: Amy Logan Walther, Jeff Logan, Jud Logan, Whitney Logan and Andy Logan.


A sports-centric family, Dick played football at The Ohio State University and for the Green Bay Packers; Jeff played football at Ohio State; Jud is a four-time Olympian for Team USA in the hammer throw; Andy played football at Kent State University, Whitney was an outstanding HS football player and has become a highly successful businessman and Amy is the MVP of the family holding everything together. 

Dick passed away in November 2016, hours after watching the Buckeyes beat “That Team Up North.”  Gloria continues to oversee operation of the Foundation and is a great source of inspiration to all of the family.


The Logan Family Foundation has awarded more than $500,000 to various beneficiaries since inception and will continue to raise money to support the needs of our beneficiaries. Future plans are to create an endowment that will allow for the legacy of continued gifts. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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